The Plexity Cybersecurity Model:

Zero Trust

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the practice of implementing measures to effectively protect your organization’s networks, systems, and programs from harmful cyberattacks. These attacks may come in the form of accessing, stealing or destroying confidential information and other highly sensitive data. 

Attackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, which makes securing your company’s environment, both challenging and ongoing. These days, implementing the right cybersecurity solution is increasingly critical for your business. 

We protect your organization’s network from threats such as:

Malicious software designed to extort money by blocking access to critical data. Unfortunately, even after paying the ransom, there is no guarantee that ongoing attacks won’t occur. 

Malware & Viruses
Software designed to gain unauthorized access into your network, causing damage to computers, servers, clients, or the network.

Sending fraudulent emails that are disguised to resemble an email coming from a trusted source. The objective is to steal credit card numbers, social security numbers, login information, and other sensitive data. 

Social Engineering
Tactics designed to trick you into voluntarily providing your confidential data by clicking on links, unknowingly downloading malware, or trusting a malevolent source.

The Zero Trust Approach

There was a time when you could successfully defend your network from cyberthreats by securing your perimeter. However, as your organization continues to utilize the advantages of the cloud, your perimeter is becoming less definitive. 

To keep your network healthy and safe, we adopt the Zero Trust Model. Zero Trust allows us to:

  • Reduce the risk of a breach to your network
  • Isolate your confidential information
  • Accelerate the ability to investigate threats
  • Strengthen customer trust through greater security and privacy
  • Bolster up your company’s reputation in the community

The Zero Trust model is based on the principle of “never trust, always verify.” Zero Trust fights against the exfiltration of your confidential data and fends off cyber threats lurking around within your network. This strategy offers a better way to secure your applications and environment from any user, any device, in any location. 

Zero Trust: The Architecture

To get started, we work closely with you to identify a “protect surface.” The protect surface consists of your network’s most critical and valuable Data, Assets, Applications, and Services (DAAS).

Once we have identified the protect surface, we can determine how traffic is moving throughout the organization. Next, we’ll learn who the users are, which applications they use, and how they connect to the network. Armed with this information, we can begin to create policy enforcement to ensure data is accessed securely. Once we understand the dependencies between the DAAS, the overall infrastructure, and the users, we can create a micro perimeter around the protect surface. We’ll develop a segmentation gateway which will only grant legitimate traffic and applications access to the protect surface. The segmentation gateway offers deep visibility into all traffic, adding additional layers of inspection and access controls with Layer 7. 

Zero Trust monitors traffic in real-time, preventing access to the protect surface by any unauthorized users. After helping build your Zero Trust policy, we’ll maintain it while continually looking for ways to improve the policy.

Zero Trust: The Scalability

Your employees have access to critical information from virtually any location: home, coffee shops, hotel rooms, remote offices, etc. Therefore, Zero Trust is not location-specific. It must exist across your entire environment. The right users need access to the correct information. 

Today, workloads are incredibly dynamic. They move across public and private data centers, as well as the cloud. Zero Trust offers you the advantage of having penetrable visibility into all of the activity within your environment. Segmentation gateways can stop cyberthreats at a highly granular level across users, devices, networks, your on-site data centers, or multiple cloud environments.

Zero Trust: The Deployment

Plexity Networks will help you create a Zero Trust policy and successfully deploy it for your organization. The good news is, there are no Zero Trust products to buy. However, some products work well in a Zero Trust environment while others don’t. The first step is to take an inventory of your current products and determine what is needed if anything. Often, Zero Trust can be build using your existing architecture. 

We deploy, implement, and maintain Zero Trust using five simple steps:

  • Identify the protect surface
  • Understand how traffic flows within your environment
  • Design a Zero Trust architecture 
  • Determine a Zero Trust enforceable policy
  • Monitor, maintain, improve

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