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Data Protection &
Business Continuity

Protecting Your Data

Our customers depend on us to protect their applications and their data by creating a high availability and easy-to-manage infrastructure. Count on us to help you maximize data protection and discover potential issues that might be putting your company at risk.

Our goal is to provide solutions that offer you zero downtime and minimize data loss. Additionally, we will identify IT silos that are needlessly keeping valuable resources locked away and causing business interruption. We’ll develop a strategy to help you save time by streamlining processes and increase efficiency.

Preventative Approach

We proactively look for ways to optimize your organization’s IT infrastructure and protect your data. We’ll help you realize the highest possible value of your IT environment. At the same time, we reduce potential risks for business disruption due to ever-increasing cyber threats and system failures.

We have tools that provide deep visibility into your environment. These tools help us optimize your systems and proactively construct a plan to avoid problems before they can negatively impact your business. We’ll have visibility into your storage infrastructure so we can uncover data issues before a problem occurs.

We provide whats needed to make data protection a seamless process.

Enterprise-Class Backup and Recovery

No matter the size of your business, you need a trustworthy and reliable means of backing up and recovering your data quickly. Downtime and data loss can have an enormous impact on your prospects, customers, employees, and most important – your company’s reputation.

Your critical information might exist on physical servers, virtual machines, a remote office, or even in the cloud. We provide you with cost-effective, enterprise-class backup and recovery solutions to meet your goals. Our backup and recovery solutions protect your systems, applications, and your data, wherever it may be.

Deduplication and Replication

Arguably, one of the most significant advancements in data backup technology is deduplication. This technique ensures that duplicate copies of redundant data are not backed up. Therefore, the amount of data being backed up is substantially reduced.

As a result, our solutions accelerate backup performance, reduce storage requirements and costs, and more efficiently leverage the cloud for disaster recovery, archiving, and business continuity.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of system failure, you need a plan to get back online fast! We’ll implement a disaster recovery solution that will do just that. We can automate replication to either a local or off-site standby server or virtual machine. You can be confident that when you need to recover from a disaster quickly, your applications, systems, and your data will be restored in just minutes.

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