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Managed IT Services

Plexity Networks has a full suite of consulting and managed security services that we use to deliver the highest quality in IT security products to our clients. Our team of cybersecurity specialists has deployed countless hours of professional services to companies of all sizes and industries. Since 2004, we have become the trusted advisor for all things relating to cybersecurity.

We take on a consultative role in ensuring our customer’s networks are healthy and fully protected.  We work as an extension of your IT staff as a trusted partner, sharing information, architecting solutions, and executing on strategies for the security of your network. We deploy the right solution, to the right customer, at the right time!

Compliance Audit

Our information security audit offers a detailed appraisal of how well your organization is adhering t0 existing compliance regulations. We identify how your security policies measure up against SOX, HIPAA, and PCI regulations. We'll identify areas where improvement needs to be made within the framework of your network infrastructure. Then we make remediation recommendations based on Best Practices to ensure you meet compliance requirements.

Network Penetration Testing

Our security consultants perform penetration tests, using proven tactics, to determine the security of your network. Network penetration testing simulates intense, real-world attacks. Such testing is a necessary tactical approach to finding out where your network infrastructure may be susceptible to weaknesses and dangerous vulnerabilities. That said, our testing is non-disruptive to your business. But it is also highly effective in providing insight into exactly what needs to be done to protect your organization from harm.

Data Encryption

The first objective in protecting your data is to perform a data inventory audit. Then, we need to plan a central platform enabled approach to securely encrypting your data. To do this safely and correctly, we need proper planning and constant communication with your staff. Our encryption solutions cover all of your assets including:

Portable Drives
USB Devices
And much more...

Messaging Security

Hackers are relentless in their ability to launch attacks through email. We partner with messaging security industry leading vendors to provide cost-effective solutions to track and block malicious emails. Our anti-virus, anti-spam, and data-leakage protection solutions prevent access to your companies confidential information. We block access to your network by protecting against spoofing email accounts and phishing attacks.

Web Security

Out state-of-the-art web security products protect your employees from visiting infected bad websites where malicious content can be downloaded. We monitor web traffic, guard against malware and other website related attacks, prevent data leakage, and provide zero-day protection against known and unknown threats.

End-point Security

We provide security to minimize dangerous threats to your end-point devices such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and iPads. We utilize Best-In-Class technologies to securely protect your end-point devices even when they're not connected to your organization's network. These devices will be secure when used remotely from airports, from home, or anywhere there is connectivity to the internet.

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